Just 18 months ago this father and son team decided to put their 65 years of combined event experiences into delivering the most affordable and accessible supercar event in the UK. A supercar festival for families, enthusiasts and supercar owners. Just nine months later we delivered our first Supercar Fest at the historic Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in Worcestershire. It was a great success and we made many new friends. We pride ourselves in making it personal. 6,500 people turned up on the day and with the support of our commercial partners we decided to offer two Supercar Fest events in 2020.


Who could anticipate what has now transpired? The ‘events’ industry is the first to be hit and many other businesses too.


After several sleepless nights and a great deal of thought, we have had to make the unwelcome decision to cancel Supercar Fest ‘the Runway’ on 24th May. From afar this will look like an obvious decision but we tried very hard to find an alternative situation that would work for all parties. There wasn’t one.


We feel desperately sorry for all our exhibitors and food trucks who must be feeling the pinch so badly and it is important that we all try and support one another and come out stronger and more determined on the other side. To name a few: the venue owner, staff, barrier suppliers, caterers, PA Systems, radio suppliers, marshals, car parking team, bin suppliers, security personnel, the toilet suppliers and many, many more who are all standing by us and are deferring 12 months to 2021 when we will have our postponed ‘Runway’ event.


So what does this mean and what is the situation going forward. Well firstly we still have Supercar Fest ‘the Hill’ at Shelsley Walsh on Sunday 30th August. We will all be bursting to get out and about by then so let’s remain positive about that.


Secondly our commercial partners are 100% standing by Supercar Fest and we thank them all for that. We could not have been able to make these changes without their support.


Thirdly, a very big thank you, and apology, to all the owners of supercars and all attending car clubs who will have to defer 12 months for the next opportunity to join us. We will see you again, we hope, and your invitation remains open and relevant for 2021.


Finally the question of pre-purchased tickets. Without you we would not be able to put on these events and we thank you for your continued support. We are a small organisation with no external financial backing and it would be impossible for us to make refunds, so we would ask you to treat your pre-purchased tickets as ‘tickets in the bank’ to use at the same time next year. This is the only solution available to us and we understand that this may be difficult, we really do. We are more determined than ever to deliver a first class event in May 2021 at Sywell Aerodrome. This event might be postponed for one year but we will make it extra special and it will still be the best value supercar event around.


Thank you for your understanding and patience - stay healthy - and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events.


Mark & Robin