Volunteers play a key role in ensuring Supercar Fest runs smoothly and efficiently during the day. It’s a massive thrill and the easiest way to get close to the incredible supercars. You will be treated like one of the team and you'll receive some great benefits too!

We are hugely grateful to all our volunteers, without whom the event would not be possible.


Applications are NOW CLOSED


Sunday 30th May 2021

» bank holiday weekend «



Time Required:

7.00am - midday

Sunday 30th May

Each volunteer will be given a parking area to manage (e.g. the Ferrari Owners display) and you will be responsible for guiding in the cars to their exact parking position when they arrive. You will be given a map and briefed on your area in terms of numbers and exact spacing. All areas will be marked out clearly on the ground as well.

Once all your cars have arrived you must inform the chief marshal and you are free to enjoy the show!


Time Required:

9.00am - 5.00pm 

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th May

Arguably the most important days of 'event week'. A lot happens! This is a great chance to see what happens behind the scenes and for you to become part of the team that makes the entire venue come alive.

We need volunteers to help in lots of areas such as putting up branding, marking out all the event areas, overseeing trade stand setups, moving furniture around, directing special car arrivals and a lot more! Oh and you will get a radio ;)

A lot of fun and very satisfying to see all your hard work on event day.

Volunteer Benefits:

All Supercar Fest volunteers will receive:

2 x General Entrance tickets (one for you & 1 for a friend)

A Supercar Fest cap

An official Supercar Fest the Runway Poster

The latest copy of Paddock Life magazine

A total value of £105

Runway 21 situ.jpg



Terms & Conditions

I would like to apply to become a volunteer at Supercar Fest the Runway which is taking place on Sunday 30th May at Sywell Aerodrome.


I declare that I am physically and mentally fit to carry out the duties listed and that I will inform the organisers immediately should any change in my condition occur which I have reason or ought to have reason to believe would affect my ability to carry out my duties.


I acknowledge that I understand the nature and type of event and that as a volunteer, I may be exposed to the potential risk inherent in motor cars and car movements, and I will undertake my duties with their associated risks with due and proper regard for my safety and that of others.


Further, I understand that all persons having any connection with the promotion and/or organisation and/or conduct have adequate public liability insurance in place. I declare that I am not suffering from any infirmity or physical disability likely to affect the performance of my duties as an official of the event.

I agree to abide by all Government requirements imposed in respect of COVID-19. 

I understand and agree that my personal data is being processed solely for the purposes of running this Event and may be used for the purposes of COVID-19 infection tracing, and will be handled by the organisers in accordance with data protection policy: 

Applications are NOW CLOSED