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Watch the supercars in action...

Throughout the day there will be non stop action on the runway. All the cars on display in the Supercar Paddock will be taking part in head to head chases on the runway.  One car will be released and the chaser will try and catch the lead car along the 1km runway. This is your chance to watch and hear these incredible cars in action as they try and reach maximum speed. 

Supercar Fest the Runway demo runs


Track the speeds of the supercars on the Runway as they hit the speed trap on the 1km back straight. Their speeds will be shown on the big screen right next to the start line.

SuperCar Fest 2023-275.jpg
Supercar Fest the Runway Porsche


Supercar Owners

You are invited to be part of the main event. You will be parked in the main Supercar Paddock, receive a minimum of 5 head to head runs during the day and you and your guest will have exclusive access to the Drivers Lounge enclosure. There is no restriction on speed so you can drive at your own pace.


Please note: we have a limited number of spaces available on the day and there is an application process due to high demand. These runs are purely for fun and entertainment with no official timing but we will display your speed!

Supercar Fest the Runway Ferrari SP3

Demonstration Run info...

All head to head demonstration runs will be untimed. This is a chance for supercar owners to light up their tyres and blast down the runway in front of all the spectators. Drivers will be controlled by the start line marshals. All drivers will be required to attend a drivers safety briefing.

Supercar Fest the Runway start line

Eligible Cars

Due to extremely high demand we will only accept applications from cars on our eligible list.

CHarles & Dean Finance Supercar Fest
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