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Saturday 27th July 2024

Mallory Park, Leicestershire


As Supercar Fest the brand continues to grow so does the number of events. We are delighted to announce a brand new event on the calendar for 2024... Supercar Fest the Track. We are heading to the iconic race circuit Mallory Park nestled in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside.


The Track event will be a one day adrenaline fuelled supercar spectacle on and off the famous circuit. Continuous action on the track throughout the day will be the main focus with hypercars, supercars, racing cars, superbikes and some special demo laps from some well known historics.


Expect a paddock full of supercar and club displays, exhibitor stands and of course some great food trucks and live music to keep you going. Mallory Park offers exceptional track side viewing making it the ideal venue to see some of the worlds most exotic machines in action.


The ULTIMATE public Track Event for all the family.



SCFTT - 2024 (33).jpg

Track Action 9am - 5pm

Supercar owners will have access to the 1.4 mile track throughout the day giving the public a great opportunity to watch these machines in action at speed. For the best viewing head to Shaws hairpin!

Supercar Paddock

The main paddock inside the track at Mallory Park will be open to the public. Here you will find 500+ supercars on display. A mix of individual owners and multi mark supercar clubs will be in attendance.

CircuitPics (7).jpg

Hypercar Activity

The main paddock will play host to an incredible display of £1m+ hypercars thanks to our partners First Point Insurance. There will also be a number of hypercar demo laps during the day and don't miss the hypercar grid walk at lunch time!

Motorspot Demos

This is a race track so expect to see some high speed runs from a selection of specially invited racing cars both new and old. And as Mallory has a great history of Superbikes then if would be rude not to have a few grace the tarmac.

CircuitPics (13)_edited.jpg
SuperCar Fest 2023-574.jpg

Exhibitor Stands

A huge selection of stands for all ages. Simulators, car dealers, automotive and lifestyle shopping.

Food, Drink & Live Music

Supercar Fest events are extremely family friendly and we offer a great selection of locally sourced food trucks to suit everyone. Head to the food court where you can also grab a drink and enjoy some live acoustic music throughout the day.

SuperCar Fest 2023-167.jpg


Eligible Cars ONLY



Be part of the main action on the track. Drive your car on the circuit in a controlled environment in front of the crowds. You and your guest will also have access to the exclusive Drivers Lounge. 


SuperCar Fest 2023-38.jpg

Approved car clubs will be allocated their own areas within the main showground. Discounted tickets and early entry apply.



Your supercar parked in the main paddock inside the circuit. All cars will be parked a safe distance away from one another. You and your guest will have access to the exclusive Drivers Lounge.



Privileged parking in a designated area for your performance or sports car. We welcome all two-seater sports cars from modern to classic and all RS, AMG, M series cars plus GT cars and America Muscle cars.



27th July 2024

Mallory Park, Leicestershire



An iconic motor sport venue nestled in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, Mallory Park has a rich racing heritage and an adrenalin-fuelled future, with plans to revive motorsport memories spanning half a century with the return of big-time events.

Set among tranquil lakes and rolling hills, Mallory Park’s location also makes it a unique event venue, where delegates can arrive at their company conference as a sales rep and depart as a racing driver with a motorsport competition licence.

From adrenaline fuelled racing to high-speed passenger rides to triathlons and cycling – the friendly circuit puts its visitors in the driving seat, inviting you to participate, not just spectate.


"The passion, the crowds and the calibre of the cars is mind blowing"

James Walker: @mrjww

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