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Privileged parking for your pride & joy

At both Supercar Fest events we have a dedicated car park for your Sports & Performance Car. If you own any AMG, M or RS series car, a front engines GT car or a 2 seater sports car both classic or modern then you are eligible to park in this area which is located in the main showground with a dedicated entrance gate. Our parking team will also park you 2 meters apart from the car next to ensure peace of mind on the day.

If you feel your car does not quite meet the criteria above but is something we and the event visitors might like to see then drop us a quick email at hello@supercarfest and simply ask us and we will get right back to you!


Qualifying Cars

Any modern 2 seater sports car (eg. Lotus Elise)

Any classic 2 seater sports car (eg. Austin-Healey)

Any Porsche (not on eligible supercar list)

Any Aston Martin (not on eligible supercar list)

*Any BMW M (eg. M3, M4 etc)

*Any Audi RS (eg. RS4, RS5 etc)

*Any Mercedes AMG (eg. C43 AMG, S55 AMG etc)

Any Ford RS (eg. Cosworth RS, Focus RS etc)

Any front engined GT car

Any Nissan GTR

American Muscle Cars

*Please note that all BMW M cars must be a thoroughbred M series car such as an M3 or M4 etc. Cars such as a BMW 335i M Sport or a BMW M135i are NOT eligible. The same applies to all AMG and RS cars.

Entry fee: £50.00 per car 

No matter how many passengers

Please ensure your car meets the criteria above as all non Sports & Performance cars will be redirected to the general car park and you will be required to purchase a full price general entrance ticket per person.

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