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The First Point Insurance Hypercar Zone is one of the highlights of Supercar Fest and will be back once again in 2024! Expect a huge display of the most iconic and modern day hypercars all in one special place. If you like Bugatti's, Koenigsegg 's and Pagani's then you're in for a treat. 

First Point Insurance
Supercar Fest Runway Action

Hypercar Runway Action

And it doesn't stop there as you'll be able to watch the hypercars take to the Runway throughout the day. Expect some of the fastest speeds of the day when the hypercars hit the 1km back straight and you'll be able to track their speeds on the big screen right by the start line.

First Point Insurance
Supercar Fest the Runway
Supercar Event UK

Own a Hypercar?

If you own a hypercar and would like to display it in the First Point Hypercar Zone then get in touch...

First Point Insurance
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